I attended a free online session with Robert in the summer of 2015. It was very informative. There were prizes at the end of the session and I won a free session with an experienced Faster EFT practitioner. Elana was


Hi there, I had a 2 hours session with Elana during which we addressed my smoking addiction and issues that I had with women since childhood. After the session I felt very clean inside me, I had a feeling of


After a few days with Robert Smith’s videos and tapping on some of my issues, I felt I was not fully aligned with the program and asked for a session with Elana. I could not have done better. The missing

Dan Burnett

The Faster EFT session I recently had with Elena helped me to discover and work through an important, unconscious pattern of behavior that I had learned growing up and that has been adversely affecting my relationships ever since. This is


Elana works in a very caring and supportive manner.  She paid close attention to the situation and could guide me, becoming very aware of the unspoken belief, bringing light to the situation.  This helped bring enormous clarity to me, and

ELANA’S SESSIONS 5/15 We just finished three months of Utube video sessions. What AN ADVENTURE!! A big THANK YOU to you for your time, expertise and patience. I didn’t know what to expect. Agreeing to be recorded for the whole

Jems Westlund

I am very grateful, and honored to have Elana Michealson as my FasterEFT practitioner. I attribute my sanity and safety today, to the work we’ve done during two powerful sessions. Our first session was timely, in that after a 15

Troy S Thomason

My experience with Elana was an amazing one. I had memories and problems that had plagued me for most of my life, and she helped me release them in less than two hours! My whole world has changed as a


Hi Elana, I just want to say again thank you so much for your session. I’ve seen several coaches over my time, and none have helped as much as you have. I’ve learned things about myself that I was previously


Thank you for being so kind and nice. God is great for putting you here on earth to help people like me. I know this will be life changing! the payments that I give you couldn’t reflect the value that