Are you committed to healing but don’t know how?
Do you want to create change in your life but have trouble creating new habits?
I found that when I work with my clients on a daily basis for the period of 4 weeks
-They are able to paint a clear picture of where they want to go to
-they gain the understanding of why they do all the techniques that we use and knowledge is power
– they are able to release the blocks that are holding them back
– they are able to create the new habits needed to jump start them into their future
-they are able to be accountable
-they create the new neural pathways necessary for creating new habits and letting go of the old ones
So if you are committed to creating the future of your choice contact Whatsaspp me at ⁨+972 53-340-3450⁩
Or pm me
Looking forward to helping you manifest your new future

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Single private  1 hour session with Elana Michelson PhD
Single private 1 hour session with Elana Michelson PhD
This is a one hour session will Elana will use all her magic to help you get to where you want to get to
Price: $150.00