Nechamas testimonial

I am so thankful for the work that I have done in my sessions with Elana as I have seen a tremendous shift in mindset that I was unable to get past until this point. It has helped me both professionally and in my personal life- many thanks! Nechama

Hassan Aziz

I just wanted to say a big thank you.. every part of my heart is so grateful for the sessions and help you have given it's been truly incredible. I was a shell of a man when I was started without spirit and now I feel so different God bless you and your family Thank you so much Elana for giving me hope and a way out of the black tunnel into the light xx

Testimonial for STEPS

Hi Elana, sorry I took a while to email you back with any progress. I wanted to see if the effects would last and wasn't just momentary. So I have been feeling better! I noticed the most difference with the last modality you did on me. I felt at ease eating foods I was open to tasting but didn't want to fully eat example: (went to taco bell the other day I wouldn't mind trying it since you helped me the day you gave me the analogy of the purple polka dots on my face) But yesterday I actually ate my whole meal without any intrusive negative thinking or anxiety or tension in my stomach. I actually enjoyed the whole meal!
I went on a drive this morning and did very well. I got a bit of sweaty palms but no panic attack. I drove for about 15 min. away from my house and went inside a store and was wandering around without any anxious thoughts and enjoyed myself. I had even forgotten that I was alone.
Also at a traffic light with moderate traffic and I was not in a desperate rush to get home. I felt like a normal person just getting from point A to point B. ????

Good morning/Afternoon. I feel different but not sure how. It's like I'm hopeful, maybe like I'm looking forward to something I can't identify. So taking baby steps and observing. My only client and my eye doctor both canceled today. So I have a whole day with just me. Still a hint of body pain but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Breathing is easier. Thank you. Can't wait for more. Nancy


"I've been with coach Elana Michelson for over two years. The recent yearly subscription plan is the best thing that she comes up. I get to release my immediate recent stress and work on core issues during our “second half” of our weekly one-hour session. The best thing is I get to have better beliefs installed by Elana. I get to have my dreams and goals. I get to dream as big as I can with her help. I work well with her and I hope at least you should try a few sessions with her since she’s very reasonable and can work a custom healing plan with you. The progressed I have made so far: I quit my old job and started my better job which allows me more time to realize my dreams and true passion. I started loving myself more and have been eating clean for the last two years. I set and achieve yearly goals! I have been figuring out my problems and being able to devise a real workable action plan to solve them. I am working on meeting my future wife and partner in “crimes” who are as fired up as me in believing my or her huge upsides. I believe I am a star. This belief that I have had before I worked with Coach Elena, she’s helping me to shine even brighter. I only hope I am more willing to practice what she teaches every week, my progress will be even faster. But I accept who am and I am becoming more open-minded and having less self-created hurdles. This is a long thought and testimony. I just hope whoever is reading this to understand no matter how you feel right now, you should know that you are a star. And you should feel that you are important. And be brave and smart do what your heart is really telling you to do.

Wanda’s testimonial

In January 2016 after a major stroke my life changed drastically. I had to resign from my job, couldn't dance (I taught dance) couldn't drive and became dependent on others, a huge blow to my self esteem as I was very independent. Physically, though the stroke I suffered was major, I was eventually able to get my balance back by using my old dance routines and familiar music. So, physically I was coming right but emotionally, I was a mess. Before suffering a stroke in January 2016, I had never ever addressed childhood memories, as far as I knew they were over, I was an adult now and that was it. The stroke happened and it was like the lid to my emotional hiding place blew off. I would cry for no reason, any little thing grew to mountain size, I was a mess and I hid away from everyone including myself. I had been following Robert G Smith, Founder of FasterEFT for years on youtube and knew FasterEFT would help me so I attended FasterEFT Level 1 training in Adelaide, Australia in March 2017. It was life changing though I seemed to cry the whole week I was there. That week made me realise however that I had caused my stroke through my beliefs and what I held in my unconscious mind. Elana Michelson was the Level 1V FasterEFT Practitioner I chose to complete 10 hours of compulsory sessions as part of my training. Elana helped me to release years of unconscious patterns of behaviour, from the hierarchial culture I grew up in as a female and the physical and emotional abuse I suffered as a child. Elana was very patient, compassionate, supportive, safe, focussed on helping me and I learn't a lot from her. I am no longer hiding from the world. My sessions with Elana have changed the way I look at things,that I can be happy all the time, its up to me - thank you Elana. I can't wait to work with you again** Wanda Star

I would like to thank Elana Michelson for the help she provided on the way of my healing. I came to Elana on pick of my anxiety. I was in constant “fight or flight” mode. Everything frightened me and made me anxious. I tried many things before to help myself. Some made me feel worse, some did not help, and some helped slightly, but did not change the situation I was in. By the end of our work together everybody noticed positive changes and especially me. I became calm and relaxed and did not react to many triggers like I used to. Thank you Elana from me and my whole family 🙂  AK

I attended a free online session with Robert in the summer of 2015. It was very informative. There were prizes at the end of the session and I won a free session with an experienced Faster EFT practitioner. Elana was kind enough to see me twice. The results of the sessions are hard for me to put in words. There's so much more to it than the Youtube videos let on. For me it comes down to the connections we have in our minds/hearts. After the first session I just felt different. Nothing I could put my finger on, just different. Over time I notice that I don't feel the same or think the same about so many things. I see things differently. I process things differently. All those little connections are different. It's been so very helpful. Thanks so much Elana! And thanks so much to Faster EFT.


Hi there, I had a 2 hours session with Elana during which we addressed my smoking addiction and issues that I had with women since childhood. After the session I felt very clean inside me, I had a feeling of great relief and I went to sleep and had a night full of dreams and flashes in my mind, which means that my mind is making adjustments to the new changes that have been created in the information that now exists in my subconscious. It is reorganizing everything. Today I spent the whole day relaxing. As I went out, I noticed that a few people in the neighbourhood that had not been greeting me did greet me, and I felt comfortable with them doing so. As I was out downtown eating, many of the triggers that were previously there around having people around me were not there. This was because we addressed a few really really early childhood traumas. Elana told me I had been carrying those emotions with me throughout my life. Today, I have not been smoking any cigarettes and I feel completely comfortable around women and people in general. Therefore I can highly recommend a session with Elana for monumental changes each session with her. Elana has a high degree of empathy and care, I feel I can tell her anything, because she communicates with non-judgment. Peace Danial


After a few days with Robert Smith's videos and tapping on some of my issues, I felt I was not fully aligned with the program and asked for a session with Elana. I could not have done better. The missing parts are in place now, she gave me more than answers to my questions, gave clear and easy to follow instructions and left me with a new sense of empowerment. The examples from her own tapping and her own life made it a very personal experience, and the frequencies of her voice carried the information right into my mind and heart. Thank you Elana for this wonderful and supremely valuable session - I feel really inspired to continue with FasterEFT to total emotional freedom. Izabel

Dan Burnett

The Faster EFT session I recently had with Elena helped me to discover and work through an important, unconscious pattern of behavior that I had learned growing up and that has been adversely affecting my relationships ever since. This is an aspect of my character that I'd never got to grips with in any of the various therapies I'd worked with. Not bad for an hour and a half's work. Elena worked with me in a very effective, conscientious, and insightful way, and I thank her for that. Dan Burnett


Elana works in a very caring and supportive manner.  She paid close attention to the situation and could guide me, becoming very aware of the unspoken belief, bringing light to the situation.  This helped bring enormous clarity to me, and thus being able to clear the 'challenge'. She was able to help me work through the barriers which I had in a very safe way. Her method is fast, effective, dynamic and fresh. Sharon

ELANA’S SESSIONS 5/15 We just finished three months of Utube video sessions. What AN ADVENTURE!! A big THANK YOU to you for your time, expertise and patience. I didn’t know what to expect. Agreeing to be recorded for the whole world to see was scary at first, but when I watched the first video I knew that some things had changed because I just said, “Huh, it’s me! The session where all of my ex’s were on a stage and I was having trouble letting go of one because of the good memories, you said, “Keep the good and let go of the bad.” AWESOME advice! I’ve been able to repair some pain with family members because of the work we’ve done. I was able to change probably the most painful memory I had from my father beating up my brother to him putting a ball cap on his head and putting his arm around him in pride! I able to go to the cemetery on Mother’s Day with flowers, lunch, and a printout of ‘elephant jokes’. I will normally go, stay for one minute, cry, and leave. I didn’t even look at my clock. When I was ready to leave, I looked down and it had been AN HOUR! We worked on a lot of issues with my daughter and believe that I have had some amazing healing. I’m going to the gym and working on my diet in order to be the best that I can be. Lot of changes that I probably won’t realize until I encounter an event that might normally trigger me. I’m tired from all of the work, but I am also encouraged.

Jems Westlund

I am very grateful, and honored to have Elana Michealson as my FasterEFT practitioner. I attribute my sanity and safety today, to the work we’ve done during two powerful sessions. Our first session was timely, in that after a 15 year marriage and being newly isolated in a different state, my husband told me he was going to divorce me. Appropriately, she decided to work on abusive men and my memories of molestation, betrayal and rejection by men, my husband being the manifestation of my past experiences. After a devastating and abusive weekend where he lied, and abandoned the children and I to be with with his lover, the session set me free to not be his victim any longer, and provided a creative way to escape the very next week with my children! It was quite miraculous. Our second session dealt mostly with the aftermath of a 2001 incident, when my husband chocked me, lied to police, backer-acted me, left me homeless and facing a court case to take custody of my then, 2 & 4 year old babies- which he lost 😛 . As a result of that three month long trauma, I was deemed disabled due to severe short-term memory loss. We worked on my fears of not being able to provide for my children due to this ‘disability’. I’m happy to say I have 5 odd jobs now, along with a full time offer coming up. The details would take up too much space here; suffice it to say, Elana is a gifted practitioner, with loving compassion, keen skills in recognizing patterns and how to tackle them patiently and systematically, and professional in the best sense of the word. If you have any issues that resonate in you from mine, or want to start your ‘Peace List’, do it with Elana! I can only speak from personal experience, but from the results, I would trust her to guide me through anything! I love her, and believe she’s a truly caring, effective healer used by our Creator to set the captives free. Don’t hesitate, and, if you have to schedule in the am hours- do it! You’ll be so grateful you did. She’s helped me change in powerful ways, to release beliefs that have been a prison for decades, and I’ve been able to let it go through her wisdom with this amazing Emotional Freedom Technique, faster than I dared hope. Elana, you’re the best! My angel. 🙂 ♥ Jems Westlund

Troy S Thomason

My experience with Elana was an amazing one. I had memories and problems that had plagued me for most of my life, and she helped me release them in less than two hours! My whole world has changed as a result. Following the session, I immediately noticed how my attitude about life had shifted dramatically! I'm more positive and happy than I've been in years and all the social anxiety I had before the session is GONE. I also noticed that my confidence is MUCH higher! I feel like a new man and I owe it all to this wonderful woman. Thank you, Elana! Troy S Thomason Former Social Anxiety Sufferer


Hi Elana, I just want to say again thank you so much for your session. I’ve seen several coaches over my time, and none have helped as much as you have. I’ve learned things about myself that I was previously blind to. I’m confident that now that the pattern is recognized, I can overcome it. Brandon


Thank you for being so kind and nice. God is great for putting you here on earth to help people like me. I know this will be life changing! the payments that I give you couldn't reflect the value that you give me. when i become rich, I will def give you more money coz you deserve it! thanks again. it might sound redundant. but I'm starting to believe i might have a chance to really become a new person with your help.

Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan

From Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan - Psychologist I knew Elana in the FasterEft forum to exchange sessions on eft and i was very glad about it. In fact, when she made her first skype session i was surprised. I didn't expect she could work so deeply on the roots that causes issues in the behaviour. I had before therapyes with psychologists but it was never as far as effective like it was in the two sessions i had with Elana. Sure, after that there is more job to do on personality, but the cleaning of the past memories was surprising for me. I experienced those that i call "yawns of release", i was yawning and feeling that i was releasing at the same time: a very nice experience totally new to me. I was already "stealing" some strategies that Elana used with me to use with my clients with very good results and feedbacks. Furthermore her intuition helped also. Elana is also mother of 6 children and i felt in her talking wiseness that comes both from experience and personal working on herself. I say this because it's also very important to feel that you talk with someone that understands and so doesn't judge. Thanks Elana for your good job and i'm sure you can help a lot of people in releasing their traumas and have a better life In Faith Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan

Jeff Rivera, bestselling author

"Elana Michelson was miracle worker. She helped me get past issues that were haunting me for years; things that were blocking my happiness and from moving forward in my life. In a couple of hours, she removed layers and layers of hurt, guilt, disgust, bitterness, and helped transform them into forgiveness, love, empathy and happiness. She generously offered as much time as I needed; however long it would take to get at the root of the issue and remove it from my consciousness. I now feel squeaky clean. Highly recommended." -- Jeff Rivera, bestselling author

Hope Wesley

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist in Perth, Western Australia. I was fortunate enough to meet Elana by chance. Her skills in Fastereft are powerful, she has a wonderful gift, her knowledge, experience and humility is enlightening. Thank you Elana. Hope Wesley

Jan B

Thank you so much Elana for your patience in taking the time to make notes and really get to know me...quickly and thoroughly. The session was powerful and effective. I was amazed that a 40 year old traumatic memory would come up. Guess it was time to face it and change it, which we DID!!! You are a wonderful teacher and practitioner and I’m glad that we met! Jan B.

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