Hi there, I had a 2 hours session with Elana during which we addressed my smoking addiction and issues that I had with women since childhood. After the session I felt very clean inside me, I had a feeling of great relief and I went to sleep and had a night full of dreams and flashes in my mind, which means that my mind is making adjustments to the new changes that have been created in the information that now exists in my subconscious. It is reorganizing everything. Today I spent the whole day relaxing. As I went out, I noticed that a few people in the neighbourhood that had not been greeting me did greet me, and I felt comfortable with them doing so. As I was out downtown eating, many of the triggers that were previously there around having people around me were not there. This was because we addressed a few really really early childhood traumas. Elana told me I had been carrying those emotions with me throughout my life. Today, I have not been smoking any cigarettes and I feel completely comfortable around women and people in general. Therefore I can highly recommend a session with Elana for monumental changes each session with her. Elana has a high degree of empathy and care, I feel I can tell her anything, because she communicates with non-judgment. Peace Danial