We just finished three months of Utube video sessions. What AN ADVENTURE!! A big THANK YOU to you for your time, expertise and patience. I didn’t know what to expect. Agreeing to be recorded for the whole world to see was scary at first, but when I watched the first video I knew that some things had changed because I just said, “Huh, it’s me! The session where all of my ex’s were on a stage and I was having trouble letting go of one because of the good memories, you said, “Keep the good and let go of the bad.” AWESOME advice! I’ve been able to repair some pain with family members because of the work we’ve done. I was able to change probably the most painful memory I had from my father beating up my brother to him putting a ball cap on his head and putting his arm around him in pride! I able to go to the cemetery on Mother’s Day with flowers, lunch, and a printout of ‘elephant jokes’. I will normally go, stay for one minute, cry, and leave. I didn’t even look at my clock. When I was ready to leave, I looked down and it had been AN HOUR! We worked on a lot of issues with my daughter and believe that I have had some amazing healing. I’m going to the gym and working on my diet in order to be the best that I can be. Lot of changes that I probably won’t realize until I encounter an event that might normally trigger me. I’m tired from all of the work, but I am also encouraged.