I am very grateful, and honored to have Elana Michealson as my FasterEFT practitioner. I attribute my sanity and safety today, to the work we’ve done during two powerful sessions. Our first session was timely, in that after a 15 year marriage and being newly isolated in a different state, my husband told me he was going to divorce me. Appropriately, she decided to work on abusive men and my memories of molestation, betrayal and rejection by men, my husband being the manifestation of my past experiences. After a devastating and abusive weekend where he lied, and abandoned the children and I to be with with his lover, the session set me free to not be his victim any longer, and provided a creative way to escape the very next week with my children! It was quite miraculous.
Our second session dealt mostly with the aftermath of a 2001 incident, when my husband chocked me, lied to police, backer-acted me, left me homeless and facing a court case to take custody of my then, 2 & 4 year old babies- which he lost 😛 . As a result of that three month long trauma, I was deemed disabled due to severe short-term memory loss.
We worked on my fears of not being able to provide for my children due to this ‘disability’. I’m happy to say I have 5 odd jobs now, along with a full time offer coming up. The details would take up too much space here; suffice it to say, Elana is a gifted practitioner, with loving compassion, keen skills in recognizing patterns and how to tackle them patiently and systematically, and professional in the best sense of the word.
If you have any issues that resonate in you from mine, or want to start your ‘Peace List’, do it with Elana! I can only speak from personal experience, but from the results, I would trust her to guide me through anything! I love her, and believe she’s a truly caring, effective healer used by our Creator to set the captives free. Don’t hesitate, and, if you have to schedule in the am hours- do it! You’ll be so grateful you did. She’s helped me change in powerful ways, to release beliefs that have been a prison for decades, and I’ve been able to let it go through her wisdom with this amazing Emotional Freedom Technique, faster than I dared hope.
Elana, you’re the best! My angel. 🙂 ♥
Jems Westlund

Jems Westlund