From Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan – Psychologist

I knew Elana in the FasterEft forum to exchange sessions on eft and i was very glad about it.

In fact, when she made her first skype session i was surprised. I didn’t expect she could work so deeply on the roots that causes issues in the behaviour. I had before therapyes with psychologists but it was never as far as effective like it was in the two sessions i had with Elana. Sure, after that there is more job to do on personality, but the cleaning of the past memories was surprising for me. I experienced those that i call “yawns of release”, i was yawning and feeling that i was releasing at the same time: a very nice experience totally new to me. I was already “stealing” some strategies that Elana used with me to use with my clients with very good results and feedbacks.

Furthermore her intuition helped also. Elana is also mother of 6 children and i felt in her talking wiseness that comes both from experience and personal working on herself. I say this because it’s also very important to feel that you talk with someone that understands and so doesn’t judge.

Thanks Elana for your good job and i’m sure you can help a lot of people in releasing their traumas and have a better life
In Faith
Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan

Dr. Fabrizio Mardegan