Last eek I accidentally mislabeled the title as relationship workshop part 3. My apologies. This is the real part 3 of the workshop. Follow along, or even better come and join us. ( in part 4 we change the format a bit for the better, so please join. We’d love to have your input, and the more people working together the stronger and more effective the work.

If you prefer working more privately, you can contact me at to set up a consultation to see how I can help you achieve your desires. In the meantime enjoy!. And now for a limited time, you can still get my yearly subscription for only $3200. It is by far my best deal. or that low price, you get 50 sessions at $64, where you can either just do a weekly clean up of all the life stresses you built up throughout the week or choose to work on a bigger topic without feeling restricted in time and price. At $64 an hour just a bit above a 1/3 of my usual hourly rate, you cant go wrong.

The real part 3 relationship workshop

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