In January 2016 after a major stroke my life changed drastically. I had to resign from my job, couldn’t dance (I taught dance) couldn’t drive and became dependent on others, a huge blow to my self esteem as I was very independent. Physically, though the stroke I suffered was major, I was eventually able to get my balance back by using my old dance routines and familiar music. So, physically I was coming right but emotionally, I was a mess.
Before suffering a stroke in January 2016, I had never ever addressed childhood memories, as far as I knew they were over, I was an adult now and that was it. The stroke happened and it was like the lid to my emotional hiding place blew off. I would cry for no reason, any little thing grew to mountain size, I was a mess and I hid away from everyone including myself.
I had been following Robert G Smith, Founder of FasterEFT for years on youtube and knew FasterEFT would help me so I attended FasterEFT Level 1 training in Adelaide, Australia in March 2017. It was life changing though I seemed to cry the whole week I was there. That week made me realise however that I had caused my stroke through my beliefs and what I held in my unconscious mind.
Elana Michelson was the Level 1V FasterEFT Practitioner I chose to complete 10 hours of compulsory sessions as part of my training. Elana helped me to release years of unconscious patterns of behaviour, from the hierarchial culture I grew up in as a female and the physical and emotional abuse I suffered as a child. Elana was very patient, compassionate, supportive, safe, focussed on helping me and I learn’t a lot from her. I am no longer hiding from the world. My sessions with Elana have changed the way I look at things,that I can be happy all the time, its up to me – thank you Elana. I can’t wait to work with you again** Wanda Star

Wanda’s testimonial
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