STEPS: Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals.

Pain is just a signal to tell us that we need to beware, that we need to work on something, that we need to take some medical steps. But how often do we carry around pain for years? The doctors see nothing wrong and can not fix the pain. these types of pain are old signals which we no longer need, and they are not helpful to us. They prevent us from living the best life that we can lead.

Have you been carrying around a pain or problem like that? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Let me help you eliminate that pain from your life so that you can go on to lead the best life that you can lead.

this concept can be carried over from physical pain to emotional pain to behaviors that do not serve our goals in life. Why not give it a try.

The cost of a STEPS session is $200/Session. The issue is usually resolved within one session and it may just be the best $200 you have ever spent.

This is what one of my clients wrote to me after our last session when we used STEPS to wipe out 4 issues in half an hour.

“Hi Elana, sorry I took a while to email you back with any progress. I wanted to see if the effects would last and wasn’t just momentary. So I have been feeling better! I noticed the most difference with the last modality you did on me. I felt at ease eating foods I was open to tasting but didn’t want to fully eat example: (went to taco bell the other day I wouldn’t mind trying it since you helped me the day you gave me the analogy of the purple polka dots on my face) But yesterday I actually ate my whole meal without any intrusive negative thinking or anxiety or tension in my stomach. I actually enjoyed the whole meal!
I went on a drive this morning and did very well. I got a bit of sweaty palms but no panic attack. I drove about 15 min. away from my house and went inside a store and was wandering around without any anxious thoughts and enjoyed myself. I had even forgotten that I was alone.
Also at a traffic light with moderate traffic and I was not in a desperate rush to get home. I felt like a normal person just getting from point A to point B. ????. “
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