WatCh how Deanne gets rid of 4 biggies in 30 minutes with the help of  STEPS.

This is what she wrote to me a few weeks after the session. Hi Elana, sorry I took a while to email you back with any progress. I wanted to see if the effects would last and wasn’t just momentary. So I have been feeling better! I noticed the most difference with the last modality you did on me. I felt at ease eating foods I was open to tasting but didn’t want to fully eat example: (went to taco bell the other day I wouldn’t mind trying it since you helped me the day you gave me the analogy of the purple polka dots on my face) But yesterday I actually ate my whole meal without any intrusive negative thinking or anxiety or tension in my stomach. I actually enjoyed the whole meal!
I went on a drive this morning and did very well. I got a bit of sweaty palms but no panic attack. I drove for about 15 min. away from my house and went inside a store and was wandering around without any anxious thoughts and enjoyed myself. I had even forgotten that I was alone.


Steps in action

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