Just wanted to let all my friends out there know that for the month of May I am having a special sale on sessions, I am offering up to 5 sessions per person at $47.97/hour. that is a third of what I usually charge. first come first serve basis, what are you waiting for. And it gets better. If you sign up for the 5 sessions and you like them, you can then sign up for my yearly subscription at just 3000/year (and get an hour-long session a week or a whopping 52 hours for just $3000). If you wait too long,  you”ll miss both deals and the price of the yearly subscription will go up. this is what one of my yearly subscriptions clients has to say about it.
“I’ve been with coach Elana Michelson for over two years. The recent yearly subscription plan is the best thing that she comes up. I get to release my immediate recent stress and work on core issues during our “second half” of our weekly one-hour session. The best thing is I get to have better beliefs installed by Elana. I get to have my dreams and goals. I get to dream as big as I can with her help. I work well with her and I hope at least you should try a few sessions with her since she’s very reasonable and can work a custom healing plan with you. The progressed I have made so far: I quit my old job and started my better job which allows me more time to realize my dreams and true passion. I started loving myself more and have been eating clean for the last two years. I set and achieve yearly goals! I have been figuring out my problems and being able to devise a real workable action plan to solve them. I am working on meeting my future wife and partner in “crimes” who are as fired up as me in believing my or her huge upsides. I believe I am a star. This belief that I have had before I worked with Coach Elena, she’s helping me to shine even brighter. I only hope I am more willing to practice what she teaches every week, my progress will be even faster. But I accept who am and I am becoming more open-minded and having less self-created hurdles. This is a long thought and testimony. I just hope whoever is reading this to understand no matter how you feel right now, you should know that you are a star. And you should feel that you are important. And be brave and smart do what your heart is really telling you to do.
So act now. first come first serve basis. Contact me at elanamichelson@gmail.com, or PM me on messenger. Looking forward to working with you

Special, special, read all about it

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