Many of us who suffer disorders don’t realise what these disorders are comprised of. The core issue that began it all and the habit tat we formed through out the years. It is equally important to release the core issue, as it is to change the habit in to one that serves you better.

Do you have an issue that you ant to work on but dont know how? Have you tried conventional methods but got only little or no relief? Have you wanted to try alternative therapy but weren’t quite sure whether you should put out all the money to try it? I know what It feels like. I’ve been there. After I got divorced I had to pick up the pieces for my 6 children and for me and I looked around, not so willing to pay out my hard earned money until I new it was a right fit. But there were some good hearted practitioners, who reached out to me and offered me to try their magic. And once I saw how well and fast it worked I was hooked on it. And now I’d like to offer you a chance to try my magic at a discounted price ($50 for a session). a third of my usual hourly cost. Now why would I do that? I even had some one comment Meshugas, meaning crazy. I’ll be honest. I’m hoping our chemistry ill click, you will love my magic and you will want to continue to work with me until we get rid of the issue. But if you never try my magic , we will never know. Now sure you can watch my videos on you tube of healing journeys, but its not quite the same thing as when you experience it yourself. So if you are interested, pm me, or drop me a line at, or hop on over to my website at Looking forward to connecting with you.

On habits and fears

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