Business first just a few things I wanted to mention, from the beginning of Jan I will be opening up a mind dojo. There will be a monthly fee of $100 and for that money you can attend all 12 group sessions. And if your lucky and no one else shows up you will get a one on one session with me. Although I do truly believe that there is power in numbers and the more people working on an issue, the stronger the work is (synergistically). The sessions will be closed and not videoed and all strictly confidential. If you can’t afford it and want to attend contact me.

Until then you can still attend one of my 2 other workshops that will run until the mind dojo begins. This coming Sun eve (dec 1) 8:30 pm Israel time on zoom, cost is $10/session. or 11 Am Mon Dec 2 (Israel time) on learnitlive. Price is $15/session.

Back to the healing journey. Once I finish doing the Tune up with my clients, I then delve in to clean the specifics. The interesting thing is tat often some of the issues seem to magically disappear once we bring up a persons self esteem, self love and self acceptance.

Jacinthas healing journey-getting into the specifics

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