My parents recently celebrated not their gold anniversary but their sixtieth anniversary.Unfortunately in this day and age that is quite a feat. Most couples of today fall passionately in love. Gt married, start a family and then are so busy with their careers and raising the kids that they forget the passion and connection that brought them together in the first place.

I am also a victim of this epidemic. Only my marriage ended much earlier after 16 years when many of my children were still young. Before getting divorced we went to two different couple therapists and an IMAGO seminar, I read countless books on relationships including Dr. Phil’s Relationship Rescue and Harville and Helens Hendricks book get the love you want. And maybe my relationship was so far gone that there was no hope for it, but I felt that something was missing in these therapies.

I made it my quest to find out what went wrong and how I could both help others make it right and eventually make it right for myself. I no longer hope to make it to the Gold, but I would love to join the happily ever after club, and with all the things I’ve learned I want to help you make it there too.

You see what I figured out to be true for all relationships is that when 2 people get into a fight hat is really happening is that each of them is triggered from something in their past and they go into a trance where they start to behave like their younger self who initially experienced the “trauma”. If we can break the trance then they will return to behave like their adult selves.

In my therapy, I work both on learning better ways of interacting, breaking the harmful trances, and cleaning up the cause of the trances so that they wont reoccur.

In this program you will learn:

– new, loving habits that will allow you to reconnect with your partner in a more passionate and fulfilling way.

-you will no longer need to guess your partners needs or love language because they will tell it to you every day once you install this little daily habit

-You will learn how to stop destructive arguing in its tracks in a loving way

-You will clear out all the negative and relationship poisonous experiences that you hold inside of you and that currently control how you relationship and your partner will do the same, opening you both up to creating new loving experiences upon which to build a constantly growing passionate relationship

-You will build a foundation for a positive, passionate loving relationship that only gets better as time goes on.

The program runs for a span of 8 weeks plus another 2 weeks 6 months later

Each week you will have 3 sessions

-a private session for with each of the 2 partners to clear out the negative experiences that hold them back from loving themselves unconditionally and loving each other.

-A couple session where I will teach you and practice with you how to stop poisonous arguments in their tracks and clean out the cause of the triggers in real time so that you can continue the discussion in a loving fashion that will you both to a positive resolution, even if it is to lovingly disagree.

-You will learn new habits that will only continue to enhance and grow the love between the two of you.

The cost is $6000 for the 8 weeks- **********you will have one week to try the therapy before paying to decide if this type of therapy is for you and if you are really serious about rekindling he passion in your relationship.*************

The sessions will take place over skype , zoom or some other video program on the internet, so it is not necessary to live nearby.

So what are you waiting for. You have nothing to lose and you can regain, reconnect with and rekindle the passion in your relationship.

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