Here at optiontoheal I understand that some of you prefer to work with a practitioner to create the changes in your life but others prefer to learn how to do it yourself so that you have the skills to concrete your life at all times. For that reason I have created a series of courses that you can purchase and learn on your own. There are facebook groups tat you can join to discuss results and ask questions. Come back often as we constantly add more courses and resources.

To purchase the course Spinning the Matrix click here

To purchase the course RYSE click here

To purchase the crossfire simulation audios-click here

A book that was written by my father. While I do get the normal gifts that fathers often bestow on their children, I do not get any percentages from the sale of this book. I simply think it is a good book with a lot of good messages and ideas and it is worth reading.

You can download the preface and a chapter from the book to see if you like it by clicking here and if you do, head on over to this site ( to purchase the Ebook for just $10.

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